We are proud to recommend tried-and-true products. The equipment from the following vendors is essential to our work that are essential to our work. Our laboratory uses tried-and-true equipment from following vendors:

AB BioTechnologies Trusted Partner McCrone Group Microscopes

McCrone Microscopes and Accessories is the equipment vendor of scientific equipment and specialty microscopes like the freeze-dry microscope.


AB BioTechnologies Trusted Partner SP Scientific

SP Scientific is manufacturer of the VirTis, LyoStar, and Hull brands of development-scale and production-scale freeze-dryers.

Thinking of purchasing a lyophilizer? Contact us and get help finding the right lyophilizer for your lyophilization cycle needs!


AB BioTechnologies Trusted Partner TA Instruments

TA instruments meets customers needs for high technology thermal analysis, rheometry, and microcalorimetry products.