The foundation of AB BioTechnologies is industry-recognized subject matter expertise in lyophilization and formulation. Our services are designed to bring that expertise to your project and to your staff. Our offerings are flexible, which allows us to create a custom plan together. Formulations and optimized lyophilization cycles are developed at the bench to your specifications, then scaled-up to manufacturing levels. Thermal characterization and analytical development are available as stand-alone projects or integrated into larger projects.

Lyophilization Cycle Development

Lyophilization brings ease of transport, storage, and reliable stability to liquid formulations. The extra step after filling has many benefits, but it is not without additional cost. If a cycle is not optimized, the length of the cycle will drive up its cost. Product quality can be compromised by a cycle that is too aggressive …

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Lyophilization brings increased stability to a product, but the transition from liquid to lyophilized is not always simple. Many preservatives used in traditional liquid formulations do an excellent job on the shelf, but not in the freeze-dryer. These preservatives can cause issues such as longer drying time and product collapse, which wastes valuable API and …

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Training and Education

Dr. Jeff Schwegman

Enable your own scientists to design with lyophilization in mind by allowing AB BioTechnologies to bring valuable knowledge to you. To meet the needs of your organization, AB BioTechnologies offers education in several formats: lectures, hands-on training, and webinars. Each course is customized for the needs of the audience to bring your staff up to …

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Analytical Services

AB BioTechnologies offers analytical services to supplement the efforts of your scientists. We have the capability to test residual moisture, particle count, HPLC purity, and HPLC potency on both liquid and lyophilized formulations. If your product is a protein, AB BioTechnologies offers proteins-focused testing: secondary structure determination, denaturation detection, structure analysis, detection, and quantification. Your …

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