Experts in Formulation, Lyophilization Cycle Design/Optimization, Thermal Characterization, and Education and Training in the Development of Injectable Drug Products and Diagnostics

Bio Molecule Formulation Development

June 14th, 2013 - We are proud to announce that we have recently added analytical method development and Bio Molecule Formulation Development to our list of services. Analytical methods include HPLC Potency/Purity, UV In-Process, and SDS-PAGE.  Bio Molecule formulation development services include high throughput formulation screening using microcalorimetry, aggregate analysis using flow field imaging, and protein secondary structure characterization.  View our Development Services Page to find out more about our new method and formulation development services.


AB BioTechnologies is a small, privately held company located in Bloomington, Indiana that is dedicated to providing the highest quality service in formulation development, lyophilization cycle development/optimization, thermal characterization, and education and training in the development of injectable drug products.  Since we are a small, privately held company with minimal overhead, we can complete your project in record time at the lowest possible cost.